Who Is Bonneville Multifamily Capital?

Many companies in Utah are named after the massive, ancient Bonneville Lake that once covered the entire state of Utah and into Idaho and Nevada. Like Bonneville Communications, Bonneville Brewery, Bonneville Bank or our parent company, Bonneville Real Estate Capital for example. What makes us different is we focus on Government multifamily loans. We are the largest originator of USDA 538 loans in the Nation. We could literally do them in our sleep!

We have a small team of talented people dedicated to your success. They are experts in the FHA section 221(d)(4), , 223(a)(7) and USDA 538 loan programs.

Brent Peterson, President of Bonneville Multifamily Capital, has said, “We believe that small is great for focused expertise, listening to borrowers, really understanding needs, generating creative ideas, quick feedback, decisive action, and quality risk management for our borrowers and investors.”

Another thing that sets us apart from other Multifamily lenders is that we focus on relationships. We understand that our relationship with you, with USDA and with HUD is very important to the success of you and our business.

Peterson has also said, “Our goal is to earn great, lasting relationships with our clients.” And that’s exactly what we do.

Our office is located in the heart of Salt Lake City at the Broadway Building on the corner of State St. and Broadway. Come visit next time you are in the area and talk to us about making your dreams realities.

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