New Construction Multifamily Loan Rates

Our multifamily construction perm loan options offer remarkable rates, terms, and the speed you need to get to the closing table so you can start your project more quickly.

New Construction Multifamily Loan Rates

We are a nationwide, non-bank, new construction lender. “Lay down the first brick” on your next project with someone who creates timely, custom solutions to challenges rather than delays or denials.

A construction perm loan for an apartment building provides great opportunities for multifamily developers. Many developers feel their only source of capital are the banks, which can be slow, rigid, and cumbersome to work with. Fortunately, clients don’t have to work exclusively with banks to get the loans they need to continue the progress of their projects.

During a construction perm loan, we understand and recognize that our clients have unique needs and differing financial situations. As our client, Bonneville Multifamily Capital is committed to you by genuinely caring about your success, being responsive to your needs, and offering solutions rather than excuses or denials.

Our multifamily new construction perm loans are available for market rate and affordable (LIHTC) housing projects nationwide. Certainty of execution is paramount to a client’s success, so we spend time getting to know all about a project as quickly as possible, allowing us to make a prompt determination re: its viability and helping you secure the loan that best suits your unique objectives. At Bonneville, we are nimble, creative, and provide direct access to our underwriters and loan committee to ensure your process is smooth and effective. We show our dedication to clients through our solutions and responsiveness. Above all, we are committed to your success!

Multifamily New Construction Loan Programs Include:

  • HUD/FHA 221(d)(4)
  • USDA Section 538
  • HUD/FHA 232 (Healthcare Facilities)
  • Insurance Company
  • Private

Initially we will walk you through all the relevant options, and we’ll recommend that you speak to one of our experienced loan offers to decide the right program for your project.  Please be prepared to discuss your background, experience, project details, project pro forma, your exit strategy, and succession plans.