What Makes HUD Multifamily Refinancing Attractive

For both multifamily mortgage loans and private-sector financing, loans backed by the US government are some of the most ironclad and reputable out there. Some of the best examples of these, especially for multifamily investors, are HUD FHA loans for refinancing situations.

These acronyms represent the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and its mortgage insurance arm, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). At Bonneville Multifamily Capital, we have been granted the rare certification as a MAP (Multifamily Accelerated […]

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4 Common Refinancing Mistakes to Avoid in Multifamily

At Bonneville Multifamily Capital, refinancing a multifamily real estate loan is one of our specialties. We’re here to help find you the perfect multifamily lender for your refinance, and put you in a position to open up significant financial flexibility.

Refinancing can be a great way to open a few things up, but if you make the wrong choices during it, it can also be a way to complicate your finances even further. Let’s look at a few of […]

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Understanding the 2 kinds of MIP in FHA Commercial Mortgages

If you have ever financed a residential property with an FHA loan, you know what the PMI is. If not, PMI stands for (Private Mortgage Insurance). Like most insurance policies, PMI has a monthly premium that is collected by the insurer. Mortgage insurance assures the lender (investor) will be repaid the money the lend out.

FHA loans are backed by the full faith and credit of the federal government. However, FHA is not the lender; they are the insurer. Because […]


Avoid These 5 Pitfalls in Multifamily Investing

Investing in a commercial multifamily property can be an exciting opportunity with promising results.  In the right market, it can be a goldmine, but there are five common mistakes that keep investors from maximizing the return on their investment.  Do you know how to identify and avoid these pitfalls before they hit your pocketbook?  Here are some tips we think you will find invaluable.

1.  Underestimating the Cost of Turning Units

Even if a multifamily commercial property is occupied, you may […]


Millennials and Multifamily Development


Much has been written recently about the economic footprint of the Generation Y demographic, commonly known as Millennials.  As they begin to reach the prime earnings phase of their lives, their particular influence can be directly observed in how advertisers chase their dollars, how retailers shape their products, and, not surprisingly, how real estate players appeal to their appetite for working, living and socializing.  For most Millennials, choices around housing are more complex than the age-old decision of whether […]


Who Is Bonneville Multifamily Capital?

Many companies in Utah are named after the massive, ancient Bonneville Lake that once covered the entire state of Utah and into Idaho and Nevada. Like Bonneville Communications, Bonneville Brewery, Bonneville Bank or our parent company, Bonneville Real Estate Capital for example. What makes us different is we focus on Government multifamily loans. We are the largest originator of USDA 538 loans in the Nation. We could literally do them in our sleep!

We have a small team of talented […]


RealShare Apartments 2014


Josh Budinger recently returned from RealShare Apartments 2014 in Los Angeles. He said, “It was an interesting show with a lot of good information and perspectives from many high-level industry executives.”

RealShare Apartments 2014 in Westin Bonaventure, Los Angeles is the largest conference RealShare hosts with over 2,000 attendees. As an attendee, Budinger was able to attend all the sessions and events of the conference. It all started on Wednesday, October 15th with a panel of industry experts discussing Economics […]