Are you a multifamily borrower needing a loan tailored to your needs and best interests?

Bonneville Multifamily Capital puts you first by providing a rapid application to funding process, minimizing third-party fees, offering high leverage options and non-recourse liability. If you are interested in these benefits, you’ve come to the right place.

Many borrowers needing multifamily loans have been frustrated and limited by the bureaucracy and difficulty of working with a bank to get what they need, with the terms they want, when they need it. Bonneville Multifamily Capital has solved this problem by creating a suite of loan products catering to all lending needs for multifamily properties. We offer you a loan program designed specifically for the project, your goals, and best interests to maximize your investment returns. We know that borrowers want lending to be simple, pain-free, and provide a competitive interest rate for the terms that work best for them — our mission is to deliver exactly that.


The number one priority at Bonneville Multifamily is meeting your needs. It isn’t just about the rate, but on finding you the best possible solution for your funding requirements. Our focus is the quality of the financial solution for each individual client rather than the quantity of loans we service.


We understand how important your investment is, which is why we work tirelessly to ensure we get you the right loan, enlisting the highest quality people and service possible. Our team, dedicated 100% to finding a timely, financial solution is more than an asset for us, it is an asset for you as well.


We have nearly 40 years of experience in the multifamily lending finance business, and have seen every kind of project. We are no strangers to unique requests and eschew the idea that one size fits all. If we don’t already have the right loan program for you, we’ll do what it takes to find one that will best suit your needs.


New Construction

Our multifamily construction perm loan options offer remarkable rates, terms and the speed you need to get to the closing table so you can start your project more quickly. The construction perm loan… (Learn More)


USDA 538

USDA Section 538 Loan Program—90% Federally-guaranteed Financing. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Section 538 Loan Program is one that encourages commercial financing through the insurance of the federal government. These loans foster the development and rehabilitation of affordable-income rental housing projects in rural areas... (Learn More)



Those in need of a refinance want to know if their financier will have the know-how and expertise to prove the best terms and execution. Our experience and relationships ensure our borrowers will… (Learn More)


Substantial Rehabilitation

Multifamily properties in a state of disrepair or neglect are prime candidates for a substantial rehabilitation loan. With substantial rehabilitation loan opportunities, we help our borrowers get the funding to improve… (Learn More)



The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) do not make loans—instead, they facilitate the guarantee of the US government to assure repayment of a loan. By securing a HUD-FHA loan you are asking HUD-FHA to take on the full faith and credit guarantee of the… (Learn More)


Bridge Loans

Bridge loans offer short-term financing necessary for a multifamily property during lease-up or transitionary periods. A multifamily bridge loan can remove an existing loan, note or obligation in order to move a project forward. It can also be used to satisfy immediate needs while more permanent financing solutions are secured….” (Learn More)


Acquisition & Rehab

Those acquiring new multifamily properties love our ability to provide them with all the different financing scenarios when an opportunity arises. We provide all their options so they can maximize… (Learn More)


Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac

We are a correspondent for the largest Fannie Mae DUS lender in the nation, which gives our clients flexibility with pricing and terms. (Learn More)


Senior Housing Loans

Bonneville Multifamily Capital offers the HUD LEAN 232 loan for new construction and substantial rehabilitation for nursing homes, intermediate care and assisted-living facilities. These loans are available for projects with for-profit and non-profit sponsors. (Learn More)

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