Sarah Johansen

Associate Director – USDA Underwriting

Sarah sees the USDA 538 process thru from start to finish. She works with the client and the USDA to obtain a USDA 538 Conditional Commitment. She reviews and compiles both the response to NOSA and the full application package. Once submitted, she works closely with the USDA to obtain approval. At 538 loan closing, she reviews all final underwriting documents to ensure the property meets the USDA underwriting parameters. After the loan closes, she prepares the Ginnie Mae securitization package. She works closely with Ginnie Mae, investors, and the Document Custodian to ensure the process is timely and accurate.

Sarah joined the Bonneville team in December 2009. Prior to Bonneville Multifamily Capital she was a Financial Service Representative and Customer Service Manager at Zions First National Bank.

Sarah graduated with a BA in Mass Communications and Public Relations from the University of Utah in August 2009. When she isn’t working, she stays busy with her three young kids. She enjoys traveling with her family, yoga, online shopping, lunching with friends, playing games, boating, and skiing on a nice sunny day!