FHA Announces Reductions to Multifamily MIP

Exciting news was released yesterday January 28, 2016 that the FHA has announced Mortgage Insurance Premium (MIP) reductions on multifamily loans on affordable and energy efficient properties. The reasoning is straightforward – the government wants to encourage developers and owner operators of multifamily properties to bring more LIHTC and green properties online. There is definitely a shortage of affordable housing and this reduction will help spur that market forward.

We at Bonneville Multifamily Capital feel this is a step in the […]


How To Raise Your Effective Rent 8%

Having read hundreds of articles focused on multifamily property and attended numerous industry trade shows, it is clear the vast majority of multifamily property owners are willing to do whatever they can to increase cash flows. I’m all for reducing costs, finding efficiencies and increasing rents but securing the right loan can make all that work look like child’s play. Your financing will have a big effect on your cash flow, your margin, and ultimately your return.

We are really […]