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My Appearance as the featured Guest on The Real Estate Guys Radio Show Podcast

For years I’ve listened to Robert Helms and Russell Gray, the promulgators of the The Real Estate Guys Radio Show Podcast. It is, and has been the #1 downloaded podcast on real estate investing for quite some time now. They have built a large following of thousands of listeners by focusing their content on high quality real estate investing education.

They have had so many amazing guests over the years which have included Robert Kiyosaki, Steve Forbes, Donald Trump, Peter Schiff, Michael Bloomberg, Ken McElroy, and many others. I honestly never expected to join the ranks of those great investors and entrepreneurs as a featured guest on the podcast, but an opportunity I couldn’t pass up presented itself.

Through my networking efforts a few months ago I had a chance to meet Russell Gray and was able share with him what I do. During our conversation, I shared why I am passionate about HUD FHA loans as a preferred financing vehicle for commercial multifamily properties and he was intrigued. Russ has a background in residential mortgages and has a rather unique perspective that debt can actually be an asset when used correctly. My thoughts exactly…

As I explained to him several of the features and benefits of the FHA multifamily commercial loan programs, he rather casually commented that they should do a show about it. I wasn’t quite sure I heard him correctly. I did my best to not come across as shocked, and after I picked up my jaw from off the floor, I enthusiastically agreed to do it and a new podcast episode was born!

I truly believe I have an important message to share about commercial multifamily FHA loans because there are some misconceptions about them bouncing around the marketplace. Being real candid, FHA loans get thrown under the bus by a lot of commercial mortgage brokers that want an easier path to a quicker payday. Regardless, real estate investors deserve to know all the facts before they decide on the debt they will place on their valuable assets.

I was both excited and nervous about being the featured guest on a Podcast that reaches 190 countries worldwide and averages 12,000 – 15,000 downloads per episode. What an amazing opportunity though!

Robert and Russ have busy travel schedules so it took a couple weeks to coordinate a time in Dallas, TX that worked for all of us. When we met for the show the guys were great, they are both so knowledgeable but also kind and friendly. I was surprised how matter of fact the process was. They have been doing this for 20 years now so doing another show wasn’t any big deal for them. I certainly felt more anxiety than they did but after a little under an hour (that felt like five minutes) we were all pleased with the result.

What really excites me about this podcast is the chance to spread the word about a debt vehicle that insulates multifamily real estate investors from many of the common risks most commercial multifamily investors bear and accept all the time. I share a story about some investors I know that lost millions of dollars because they took on refinance risk they didn’t have to. If they would have used an FHA loan they would have prevented huge loss and preserved great upside of their investment.

I invite you to not only listen to the episode I’m featured in, but to add The Real Estate Guys Podcast to your podcast listening queue. Let me know what you think about both and happy investing!

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